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Alta Academy

Love, Help and Support


Sport : football and basketball for youth and kids


Initiation course to computer sciences

Project in agriculture

Project in precision and sustainable agriculture

Alta Academy

Love, Help and Support


  • Collaborating with Christian and lay organizations to rescue
  • Contributing to the development and well-being of youth and children
  • Providing support, joy and love and concrete solutions to develop
  • Raise awareness about practices that contribute to the preservation of the environment
  • Implementing technological solutions for agriculture and sectors of need for the benefit of populations

Our services

Collaborate with other organizations to rescue, assist and develop rural or disaster victims


We offer football and basketball sports activities for young people and children

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We offer training on computer literacy and robotics for young people and children

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We offer awareness campaigns and projects on sustainable and precision agriculture for local populations

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Love, Help and Support

Provide assistance to rural or disaster victims, contribute to their training, well-being and development.

Our activities

Love, Help and Support


Precision and Sustainable Agriculture

By targeting the main source of income for local populations, it will be a question of allowing them to benefit from the advantages of drone technologies and agricultural mapping. We will be able to integrate young people from technical training as well as other farmers who have attended the awareness sessions.Awareness-raising projects are days during which we encourage beneficiaries on sustainable development techniques and methodologies. These sensitizations will allow them to offer environmentally friendly methods on their agricultural fields and in their daily lives.

Fulfillment and well-being

Collective sports activities to create community bonds of physical and mental well-being for youth and child recipients. We encourage beneficiary centres assisting local populations to organise sports activities such as football and basketball. We distribute soccer sports products such as balls, sports jerseys and sports hoops.



Training in STEM/CS for youth and kids

A practical module is easy, suitable for introducing children to their first steps in computer science and technology. We offer training to children on the basics of programming and office automation. These core courses will be an addition to their intellectual results for their future in addition to formal school courses and an introduction to technological science. We offer computer initiation training for young people. These are more advanced trainings on the technique, software and piloting of drones. These techniques will allow learners to have a place in the labour market as well as to prepare for professional transfers.

Become partners

We accept any organization that adopts the same vision as ours, that of helping and supporting rural populations.

  1. Strategic Partner

    We share the same goals for a particular country or region and collaborate on a commun project.

  2. Financial Partner

    We give the opportunity to contribute a percentage of the overall budget of operations as needed.

  3. Spiritual Partner

    We give the opportunity to offer a consulting and comfort service to local populations.

  4. Contact us so you can make a difference together in the lives of local people.

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