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What ever the size of the project we are here to assist you. Our funding option begin with a small and medium business and startups in three main sectors :
Agriculture - Real Estate - Health Care.

  • Investor introduction & Business Development Introduction
  • Private equity funding & Mergin acquisition funding
  • Business Development and Research Strategy
  • Investor Relations Strategy

You Always Get the Best Funding Service

Our favorite services is the business expension funding from 500,000 - 1 million and more With this service of private equity and direct investment - fund your expension activities from the local country to the international country. Apply to today

Our programs

We are creating solutions for your organization

Private Equity Funding

For all funding from 500000$ - 1 million and more. A solution for your international activities, development projects, software solution and large scale activities, we will help you with a solution from 1000$ fees to get started.

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Merger Acquisition Funding

For all the activities of merging and acquisition - from buyer introduction / due diligence and letter of intent reviewing, we will help you with a solution from 1000$ fees to get started.

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Business Development and Research Strategy

For all the activities of research and development including some orientations on market acquisition and products distribution, we will help you with a solution from 2500$ fees to get started.

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Investor Relations Strategy

For all activities for funding with private investor / groups or offices from the meeting introduction to the deal coordination and round closing, we will help you with a solution from 100$ fees to get started.

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You Always Get the Best Funding Service

From Early stage business, Project based activities and customers acquisition, to international development we are ready to assist you in with a clear and trustworthy process in order to get the funds for your needs

Our sectors

We are focus on 3 sectors of activities


Agriculture - AgTech

Agriculture and Agtech sector are very dynamic. AgTech, also known as Agricultural Technology or Agrotechnology, is the application of technology to agriculture, horticulture, and aquaculture to help increase yield, efficiency, and profitability.
AgTech can refer to products, services, or applications derived from agriculture and improve different input/output processes.
We could help for all project in agriculture equipment and operations. All the startups in agriculture technologies are also welcome.


Cleantech - SustainableTech

Sustainable economy is growing but it is not enough for the safety of the societies and the individuals. In this regards, many companies are adopting the new devices, planes, car and more with the solar panels and the electrics energy.
Many organizations are monitoring their impact on the environment and on the management of the naturals resources. How could we insure the well being of our communities without this imperative transition; a world more hybrid : solar and electric.


Health Care - HealthTech

Healthtech is the fastest growing vertical within the healthcare sector. It includes any technology-enabled healthcare product and service that can be delivered or consumed outside of a hospital or physician’s office—one notable exception being hospital and practice management software.
We could assist you in all your project and company in health care sector, medical, research and analytics. Startups in the health technology and other avenues in their operations, from the prototype to the realization and development.

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    After the virtual meeting, get the fund that you need for your business.

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