A service from Alta Robotics


Payment - Investment facilitation

For your appointment with an investor and an opportunity to present the funding campaign

Series A - Series B & More advanced ventures Schedule a time with an investor - Present your idea - Follow up with the business opportunity.


Payment - Investors Relations

For your closing round and documentation with the investor groups or family offices

Series B - Series C & More advanced ventures
Follow up with the investors - Negotiate the terms - Close the terms


Payment - Mergers Acquisition Funding

For your company to be sold or in need to be merge with another one

For all activities of M&A or acquisitions from the due diligence to the letter of intent with a buyer for a business to be sold.


Payment - Business Development and Research

For your sales - marketing and business force

The business development and research strategy service come after the funding prospection in order to increase the sales force and increase the marketing strategy.


Payment - Business Expension - Private Equity Funding

Get the right funding solution to grow your business

For all funding between 500,000$ and 1 million and more.. A solution for your international activities, development projects, software solution and large scale activities, we will help you with a solution from 1000$ fees to get started.