White paper

New trends in smart farming

The white paper is a study detailing the latest trends in agriculture. These trends are based on the transformation of the agricultural business ecosystem and the change in the value chain. Alta Robotics' position is based on the use of artificial intelligence, the important place of man and sustainable practices.

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Use case study

Detection and Treatment of FallArmyworm Plant Infections

In 2018, Alta Robotics has had the opportunity to work in partnership with The Bassiouni Group on the challenge proposed by the Bill Gates Foundation. It involved proposing technological solutions to combat Fallarmyworm infections on plantations in less developed countries..

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Video presentation

Presentation of the autonomous irrigation system

This video is a presentation of the Tevatronic autonomous irrigation system. It shows all the benefits of this system for farmers from start to finish. It was produced by Mr. Oleg Korol, CEO of Tevatronic, main partner of Alta Robotic, during his conference at the “Pearse Lyons Accelerator”.

Video implementation

Installing and using the autonomous irrigation system

This video describes the implementation and method of use of the Tevatronic irrigation system. It is a drop-to-dro system that is easy to install and equipped with an internet of things technology. The management system is perfectly autonomous and allows irrigation costs to be regulated.