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Smart and Precise Agriculture

Analysis and recommendation

Artificial Intelligence, Drone Imagery and Data Analytics for Farmers in Cooperatives and Agricultural Research Centers

Capital, Research and Innovation

Join your agricultural artificial intelligence projects among the best researchers in the professional and academic field


Recherche AI - Basic


  • Contact with researchers and specialized students
  • Improvement of existing agricultural systems
  • Study of irrigation system or fertilizer management
  • Study for the detection of plague and infection of particular plants or crops
  • Solving specific problems on agriculture and food with artificial intelligence

Session from 4 - 6 months : 14990$/session
Monthly payment available

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Research in AI - Advanced


  • Contact with researchers and coordinator
  • Improvement of existing agricultural systems
  • Tailored study in irrigation - fertilization and farming operation management
  • Artificial intelligence based algorithme for farming and agriculture
  • Publication - Journal and Scientific Magazines

Session from 6 - 12 months : 24990$/session
Monthly payment available

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Research services

We offer research services tailored to your agricultural needs

Agricultural businesses face many challenges such as adapting to climate change, decreasing available arable land, increasing demand for production in the face of increased population growth and increasing labour shortages in the sector.

Faced with all these challenges, farmers and agricultural companies or innovative startups in the sector are looking for many solutions. These solutions include scientific research in general and artificial intelligence in particular.

Smart and Precise Agriculture

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