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Smart and precise agriculture

Agriculture is tremendous in necessity of solution in all sectors from the food production to the supply chain solutions passing by the sustainability, food quality and quantity. It is very relevant for the companies in the Agtech sectors to choose the right strategy to address the needs not only of the farmers but all the customers

  • Problems Solving AI in Agriculture
    General project in agriculture which could be solved by tech development For the startup and sme in agtech and for advanced farming companies.
  • Irrigation and Fertilization Automated Management
    Some research for irrigation by automated system in AI more accurate with more performance Fertilization management with less environmental impact
  • Pest and Diseases Detection Studies by Crops - by Pests
    Some research for pest detection via computer vision recognition Some research for diseases detection via computer vision big data and predictive analytics and more..

Precise and intelligent agriculture

We vary several methods to optimize harvests and reduce the cost of agricultural operations

Mission and strategy

Our mission

Some farmers and growers find many difficulties in the irrigation and fertilization management. They would like to find the best method and the best level or component for the specific stage in the season, they would like to emphasis the optimization in order to reduce the drawbacks for contamination. They could face to some challenges in their operations, resources predictions or diseases detection that could be studied through it and AI by the research centers.
We offer some research coordination in some Research Center in Canada. The coordination will included : NDA between the centers and the companies / Collaboration agreement / Research goals and Roadmap / Reporting / Delivery : APIS - Artificial Intelligence Algorithm.

Our strategy

  • Improve soil fertilizer management and reduce the risk of crop infection
  • Promote computer research and artificial intelligence in particular to the agricultural world via a research approach.
    The problems that could be fixed in general are :
    Irrigation challenges / Pest contaminations / Soils fertilization / Nutrients management and optimization
    Agriculture operations optimization / Logistics optimization / Diseases treatments specialization / Agrifood software development and API Integration
  • Our team

    "In the next century, leaders will be those who empower others."

    Arie BENDOR

    For any queries on general and business development, please contact our general manager. Mr. Arie Ben Dor is a consultant for several startups in several different sectors. He has also been sat on the board of directors of many companies for local and international development.


    Ange BRIKA

    For all technology projects, please contact our Chief Technology Officer. Ange Brika, sits on the Standards Council of Canada for the Department of Artificial Intelligence. He has worked with international agencies on precision agriculture, robotics and data science projects.



    For all requests for research and development work please contact our operations manager. Helena Paavilainen has extensive experience in basic scientific research and has conducted severals works in the agricultural and medical fields.


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