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Research Axes

Drone Imagery for crops health - Computer Vision

Drone imagery is a widely used technique for observing agricultural plantations. Equipped with specific sensors, the imaging makes it possible to capture areas of the field and make detailed reports in record time. Our focus will be on disease detection, plant and soil health using artificial intelligence techniques, including computer vision. In particular, we will use the colors from the ndvi with comparative methods such as the cosine of similarity and the machine vector support based on Opencv libraries.

Smart irrigation via robotics and tractors - Deep Learning

Automatic irrigation is an advanced method of bringing substantial water resources to agricultural land as needed. This automatic irrigation can be carried out on ground-based systems or on mobile supports such as semi-autonomous tractors for agriculture. Our study will focus on the use of deep learning techniques for the auto-steering of semi-autonomous vehicles as well as the regulation of irrigation valves according to the needs of the soil. We will use many simulations based on Numpy and Tensorflow libraries.

Algae based nutrition for livestock - Indoor farming

Our study will focus on the cultivation and indoor production of algae plants for livestock nutrition. The algae plant has the essential characteristics to promote livestock health - the production of quality and quantity of milk but also the reduction of the rate of CO2 emission into the atmosphere. We will go from the simulation of the installations to the setting up of the production unit.

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White Papers and Case study

Our experiences and publications

The production of various scientific articles and case studies allows people from the agricultural world and agtech companies to know a little more about our activities, carried out in the past, and to discover how it could be useful to them.

White papers

Deep learning and agriculture: the case of the Siamese neural network in plant classification

Comparative methods of deep learning in this case of few shot learning are increasingly used in the agricultural sector. The purpose of this white paper is to study problems in the detection of plant diseases. Through the Siamese neuronnes network algorithm a sub-branch of the Fiew Shot Learning.

Drones, Robots and Iot for medical crops

The white paper is a study detailing the latest trends in smart agriculture for medical plants. These trends are based on the transformation of the agricultural business ecosystem and the evolution of the value chain. Alta Robotic's position is based on the use of artificial intelligence, an important place for humans and sustainable practices.

Alta Robotics - Smart and precise Agriculture

Case Study

Deep learning and agriculture: Evaluation of Agdrone software on 200 hectares

This case study aims to propose a cost assessment for conventional agricultural operations compared to those of using the Alta AgDrone suite on an area of 200 hectares. Most of the data comes from experiments on cereal crops to give insight to farmers as well as drone imagery and interpretation service providers.

Detection and treatment of armyworm infections

Alta Robotics had the opportunity to work on the challenge proposed by the Bill Gates Foundation named: Detection and treatment of armyworm infections. The aim was to propose technological solutions to combat armyworm infections in plantations in less developed countries.